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Ignition Control For Honeywell Part # S8610U3009

Ignition Control For Honeywell Part # S8610U3009
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Manufacturer part number: S8610U3009

Ignition Control For Honeywell Part # S8610U3009

24VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.2A current draw
Replaces Honeywell, Johnson and Robert Shaw versions

Replaces S8600A1001, S8600B1009, S8600C1015, S8600F1000, S8600F1034, S8600F1042, S8600H1006, S8600H1022, S8600H1048, S8600H1055, S8600H1089, S8600H1105, S8600M1105, S8600M1013, S8610A1009, S8610A1009, S8610B1007, S8610B1015, S8610C1005, S8610F1008, S8610F1016, S8610F1024, S8610F1032, S8610H1012, S8610H1038, S8610H1046, S8610H1053, S8610H1079, S8610M1003, S8610M1029, S8610U1003, S8620H1028, G600AX-1, G600AY-1, G600MX-1, G600NX-1, G600RX-1, G670AW-1, G770MGA-1, G770MGA-2, G770MGC-1, G770MGC-2, G770MGC-3, G770MHA-1, G770NGA-1, G770NGC-4, G770NGC-5, G770NGC-6, G770NGC-7, G770RGA-1, G770RHA-1, G770MHA-2, G770MHC-1, G770NHA-1, G770NHC-1, G770RHA-2, G779LHA-1, 780-715, 780-735, 780-737, 780-845


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