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Microwave Magnetron for Whirlpool Part # MS3080XYQ0 (10QBP0227)

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Microwave Magnetron for Whirlpool Part # MS3080XYQ0 (10QBP0227)
Manufacturer part number: MS3080XYQ0
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)


2B71165A ER760M Goldstar
2B71165A ER761M Goldstar
2B71165A ER930C Goldstar
2B71165A ER653MA Goldstar
2B71165A 8815000 Kenmore
2B71165A MA1466M Goldstar
2B71165A MA1465M Goldstar
2B71165A MA1465 Goldstar
2B71165A MA1066M Goldstar
2B71165A 8904280 Kenmore
2B71165A 8883680 Kenmore
2B71165A 8883880 Kenmore
2B71165A MT3140 Emerson
2B71165A 8904180 Kenmore
2B71165A ER654M Goldstar
2B71165A MT3140A Emerson
2B71165A 8913580 Kenmore
KHMS105WWH0 Kitchenaid
2B71165A 8924680 Kenmore
2B71165A 8915180 Kenmore
2B71165A 8924580 Kenmore
KHMS105WWH1 Kitchenaid
KHMS145JBL0 Kitchenaid
2B71165A 8876780 Kenmore
2B71165A 8863480 Kenmore
2B71165A 8956180 Kenmore
2B71165A ER654S Goldstar
2B71165A 8852580 Kenmore
2B71165A 8822880 Kenmore
2B71165A 8924681 Kenmore
2B71165A 8834780 Kenmore
2B71165A 8853180 Kenmore
415-000-7704 Sanyo
32512079 Toshiba
4158473 Whirlpool
2B71165C LG
2M218(GP), 71218CD J
415-001-4207 Sanyo
EM111KS Sanyo
2B71165A EM250LS Sanyo
2B71165A EM162S Sanyo
2B71165A EMB272S Sanyo
2B71165A EM122S Sanyo
2B71165A EM142S Sanyo
2B71165A EM250S Sanyo
MS3080XBQ0 Whirlpool
MS3080XBB0 Whirlpool
MH6701XW0 Whirlpool
MS3080XYQ0 Whirlpool
MH6700XW0 Whirlpool
MH6700XV0 Whirlpool
MS2101XW0 Whirlpool
MW7400XW0 Whirlpool
MH6600XW0 Whirlpool
2B71165A ERS5740B Toshiba
2B71165A ER760M Toshiba
MH6600XV1 Whirlpool
MH6600XV0 Whirlpool
2B71165A ERS5740BW Toshiba
2B71165A ERS5640B Toshiba
MH6700XV1 Whirlpool
MS2101X0 Whirlpool
MS2100X0 Whirlpool
MS2100XW0 Whirlpool

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Condition New
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