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Microwave Thermostat for Samsung Part # 3B70069I MW3720W (18QBP150H-W)

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Microwave Thermostat for Samsung Part # 3B70069I MW3720W (18QBP150H-W)
Manufacturer part number: 3B70069I MW3720W
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)

NLA: No Longer Available


This item is no longer being made by the manufacturer, and cannot be added to your shopping cart. Discontinued items are outside of our control, and unfortunately we cannot source any items marked as no longer available (NLA).


What can you do? ... Here are a few suggestions that may help…


  •         Contact the manufacture. They will need your model and may be able to provide alternative solution.
  •         Contact local parts supply stores, they may be able to help, sometimes they may be able to fix the part
  •         Contact an appliance technician. They may be able to fix the part or have alternative solutions.
  •         Try searching on Google for your part number
  •         Try eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist
  •         Try a used appliance parts store


B5684109 Whirlpool
3B70069I 863530070 JC Penney
3B70069I 8952490 Kenmore
3B70069I 8635515 JC Penney
3B70069I 8924681 Kenmore
3B70069I 8911980 Kenmore
3B70069I MT3140 Emerson
3B70069I 8853180 Kenmore
3B70069I 8965581 Kenmore
3B70069I MW5510T Samsung
3B70069I MW3720W Samsung
3B70069I MW2000U Samsung
3B70069I MW3252T Samsung
3B70069I MW8630T Samsung
3B70069I MW4720W Samsung
3B70069I MW3700W Samsung
3B70069I MW5552T Samsung
3B70069I MW8610T Samsung
3B70069I MW2500U Samsung
3B70069I MW8590T Samsung
3B70069I MW3540T Samsung
3B70069I ERS6630B Toshiba
3B70069I ERS8931B Toshiba
3B70069I ERS6730B Toshiba

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