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Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Latch Handle Black Part # 5304500348

Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Latch Handle Black Part # 5304500348
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Availability: Out of stock - Please check back soon.
Manufacturer part number: 5304500348

5304500348 Latch Handle Black

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FFBD2408NB3A, FFBD2408NM3A, FFBD2408NS3A, CDB500NB3A, CDB500NS3A, FFBD2404NB3A, FFBD2404NS3A, LFBD2409LF1B, CDB350NB4A, FFBD2406NB5A, FFBD2406NS5A, FFBD2406NB6A, FFBD2406NS6A, FFBD2408NB4A, FFBD2408NM4A, FFBD2408NS4A, LFBD2409LF2B, CDB500NB4A, CDB500NS4A, CDB350NB5A, FFBD2404NB4A, FFBD2404NS4A, CDB350NB6B, FFBD2406NB7B, FFBD2406NS7B, FFBD2411NB5A, FFBD2411NM5A, FFBD2411NS5A, FFBD2411NB7B, FFBD2411NM7B, FFBD2411NS7B, FFBD2404NB6C, FFBD2404NS6C, FFBD2408NB6C, FFBD2408NM6C, FFBD2408NS6C, LFBD2409LF3C, LFBD2409LF4C, CDB500NB5B, CDB500NS5B, CDB350NB7B, CDB350NB8B, CDB350NB9B, FFBD2404NB5B, FFBD2404NS5B, FFBD2408NB5B, FFBD2408NM5B, FFBD2408NS5B, FFBD2411NB6B, FFBD2411NM6B, FFBD2411NS6B, FFBD2404NB10C, FFBD2404NB7C, FFBD2404NB8C, FFBD2404NB9C, FFBD2404NS10C, FFBD2404NS7C, FFBD2404NS8C, FFBD2404NS9C, FFBD2406NB10B, FFBD2406NB11B, FFBD2406NB8B, FFBD2406NB9B, FFBD2406ND0A, FFBD2406ND0B, FFBD2406ND1B, FFBD2406NS10B, FFBD2406NS11B, FFBD2406NS8B, FFBD2406NS9B, FFBD2408NB10C, FFBD2408NB7C, FFBD2408NB8C, FFBD2408NB9C, FFBD2408NM10C, FFBD2408NM7C, FFBD2408NM8C, FFBD2408NM9C, FFBD2408NS10C, FFBD2408NS7C, FFBD2408NS8C, FFBD2408NS9C, FFBD2411NB8B, FFBD2411NM8B, FFBD2411NS8B


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Condition New
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