GE Washer Lid Bumper Kit WH1X2667

GE Washer Lid Bumper Kit WH1X2667
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Manufacturer part number: WH1X2667

NLA: No Longer Available


This item is no longer being made by the manufacturer, and cannot be added to your shopping cart. Discontinued items are outside of our control, and unfortunately we cannot source any items marked as no longer available (NLA).


What can you do? ... Here are a few suggestions that may help…


  •         Contact the manufacture. They will need your model and may be able to provide alternative solution.
  •         Contact local parts supply stores, they may be able to help, sometimes they may be able to fix the part
  •         Contact an appliance technician. They may be able to fix the part or have alternative solutions.
  •         Try searching on Google for your part number
  •         Try eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist
  •         Try a used appliance parts store

Genuine GE Replacement Part


This lid bumper (part number WH1X2667) is for washers.

Lid bumper cushions the lid as it closes against the cabinet top.

Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.



Part Number WH1X2667 replaces WH01X2667
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