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GE Washer Hose Clamp Kit WH1X2036

GE Washer Hose Clamp Kit WH1X2036
Availability: IN STOCK - Typically ships within 1 business days.
Manufacturer part number: WH1X2036

Genuine GE Replacement Part


This hose clamp kit (part number WH1X2036) is for washers.

Hose clamp kit holds the end of the water hose in place to prevent the hose from leaking water. The kit may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete list of parts available.

Unplug the washer before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.



Part Number WH1X2036 replaces WC01X0187, WC1X187, WD01X0157, WD01X0414, WD01X0486, WD01X0487, WD01X0488, WD01X0496, WD01X0593, WD01X0606, WD01X0808, WD01X0891, WD01X0943, WD01X0964, WD01X1052, WD01X1303, WD01X5009, WD02X0222, WD03X0199, WD03X0216, WD03X0326, WD03X0343, WD17X5006, WD17X5044, WD17X5045, WD17X5047, WD1X1052, WD1X1303, WD1X157, WD1X414, WD1X486, WD1X487, WD1X488, WD1X496, WD1X5009, WD1X593, WD1X606, WD1X808, WD1X891, WD1X943, WD1X964, WD2X222, WD3X199, WD3X216, WD3X326, WD3X343, WH01M0240, WH01M0242, WH01M0390, WH01M0567, WH01M0568, WH01X0044, WH01X0064, WH01X0117, WH01X0159, WH01X0381, WH01X0459, WH01X0481, WH01X0762, WH01X0763, WH01X1005, WH01X1021, WH01X1204, WH01X1205, WH01X1206, WH01X1226, WH01X1281, WH01X1282, WH01X1286, WH01X1316, WH01X1373, WH01X1525, WH01X1532, WH01X1581, WH01X1583, WH01X1618, WH01X1620, WH01X1713, WH01X1759, WH01X2020, WH01X2021, WH01X2036, WH01X2460,  WH01X2465, WH01X2481,WH01X5313, WH01X5478, WH1M240, WH1M242, WH1M390, WH1M567, WH1M568, WH1X1005, WH1X1021, WH1X117, WH1X1204,  WH1X1205,  WH1X1206, WH1X1226, WH1X1281, WH1X1282, WH1X1286, WH1X1316, WH1X1373, WH1X1525, WH1X1532, WH1X1581, WH1X1583, WH1X159, WH1X1618, WH1X1620, WH1X1713, WH1X1759, WH1X2020, WH1X2021, WH1X2460, WH1X2465, WH1X2481, WH1X381, WH1X44, WH1X459, WH1X481, WH1X5313, WH1X5478, WH1X64,  WH1X762, WH1X763, WH49X0266, WH49X266, WL01X0002, WL01X0006, WL01X0010, WL01X0011, WL01X0021, WL01X0026, WL01X0036, WL01X0051, WL01X0071, WL01X0074, WL01X0125, WL01X0128, WL01X0143, WL01X0193, WL02X0052, WL1X10, WL1X11, WL1X125, WL1X128, WL1X143, WL1X193, WL1X2,WL1X21, WL1X26, WL1X36, WL1X51, WL1X6, WL1X71, WL1X74, WL2X52, WR02X3145, WR02X3177, WR02X3533, WR02X3669, WR2X3145, WR2X3177, WR2X3533, WR2X3669

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